Bik Campbell

Holistic Counsellor

Bik Campbell is a counsellor with a background in clinical psychology, rehabilitation counselling and what she refers to as ‘soulful healing’. Combining clinical skills with energetic healing, Bik transcends the traditional approach to mental health by applying holistic and intuitive principals to psychological schools of practice.

 Bik is particularly passionate about helping people rediscover and connect with their authentic selves, to live their lives as the fullest and truest versions of themselves and to help let go of what no longer serves them.

 She is passionate about working with people through transitional periods of their lives, working through difficult relationships dynamics and working with people of all ages in navigating diverse gender and sexual orientation identification.

 Bik also works with teenagers through issues such as stress and anxiety management, navigating relationships and building self-confidence. 

 Bik has studied in areas such as rehabilitation, grief, palliative care counselling, conflict resolution, relationship dynamics, sexual health and gender affirming identification, neurological trauma rehabilitation, birth trauma, perinatal mental health, adjustment disorders and interpersonal communication. 



Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Diploma of Counselling (current)

Certificate Rehabilitation Counselling

Certificate Specialised dementia care

Grief, bereavement and palliative care counselling

Conflict resolution and mediation

Military redeployment and rehabilitation counselling 

Best practice counselling with sexually diverse clients 

Biopsychosocial Injury Management

Community Support Planning

Lifeforce Suicide Prevention 

Emergency response healthcare 

Building Intuition workshop

Foundations in perinatal mental health