Brie taylor

Counsellor and Energetic Healer

Brie is an empathic counsellor and energetic health practitioner dedicated to helping her clients navigate life’s challenges through supporting their mental and emotional wellbeing. Brie’s purpose is to support her clients in accessing tools and resources that will help them overcome the issues that they’re facing, so that throughout the counselling sessions they  feel empowered enough to live life with more clarity, confidence and alignment.

 Brie creates a safe environment where her clients can be seen, heard and have a space to explore their thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way.

 Brie focuses on providing counselling support to individuals, parent’s and youth (12-17yrs) who may be experiencing/having difficulty with: managing emotions, stress and anxiety, relationships and communication, grief and loss.

 Brie works from a holistic perspective, integrating talk therapy and body work as a way for her clients to deepen self-awareness and develop strategies to identify their needs in both mind and body. This is done through the use of different modalities such as person-centre therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, emotional freedom technique, acupressure and meditations to name a few.

 Brie’s qualifications and experience include an bachelors degree in Counselling from The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), Diploma of Energetic Health from Nature Care College, therapeutic counselling and case management with adolescents and their parents.

Brie can help with:

anxiety and depression                  navigating life changes/ unexpected changes

managing emotions                           relationships                                        

grief and loss                                        self-care and general wellbeing

self-worth and confidence           personal goals, dreams and aspirations


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  • Bachelor of Counselling  –  Australian College of Psychology (ACAP)
  • Diploma of Energetic Health from Nature Care College Post Graduate
  • Registration with PACFA