Carissa Crosdale

Naturopath, Nutritionist, NLP Coach & Practitioner, Emotional Change Technique and Hypnosis & Timeline Practitioner


​Carissa is a caretaker for the inwardly-curious. She will guide you to unlock your brilliance as a powerful creator of your life.

Her work is focused on mind-body-heart coherence with the purpose of leading you home to your whole-self. You will create a level of self-trust, self-worth and how it feels to be safe in your body.

You will be a beacon of light as you learn how to identify your default responses, feel and release emotions, take actionable and purposeful steps with congruent languaging, greater connection with yourself and others, and access to your optimal health blueprint that becomes available to you from the inside-out.

Carissa uses Naturopathy, Nutrition, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Coach & Practitioner), Emotional Change Technique, Hypnosis & Timeline Therapy, Root Cause Therapy and Human Design.