In today’s society our lives are busier and more demanding than ever. There are times when we can experience different forms of distress and usually our friends and family can help. There are however times when our problems require more support in order to cope, understand and work with them. This is when professional counselling can help.

Counselling offers a private space for you to openly discuss aspects of your life in a supportive and confidential setting. The opportunity arises for you to focus on your current life circumstances and gain a better understanding or different perspective on what has been confusing, upsetting or stressful in your life.

 Counselling in general is a short-term approach with sessions scheduled weekly to address current issues and specifically identified goals. Psychotherapy is a more in depth approach which explores deeper and more complex issues with sessions usually scheduled on a regular basis and is an open ended process.

The benefits of the counselling process can be:

• A greater trust and confidence in yourself and your abilities
• A deeper capacity to connect to your feelings
• A greater sense of feeling authentic, alive and engaged in your life
• A strengthened ability to relate to others and create more satisfying relationships
• New tools and skills for living and coping with challenging times

What counselling can help you with:

• Emotional crises – a relationship ending, job loss, a traumatic event, death of a loved one.
• Relationships – challenges with a marriage, partner, work colleagues, family or friends.
• General moods – stress, dissatisfaction with life, anxiety, panic attack, phobias, anger, depression, low self-esteem, emptiness or loneliness.
• The past – childhood trauma, neglect, loss, abandonment.
• Unhealthy coping – losing interest in relationships and social activities, becoming withdrawn, drinking too much or drug use, emotional eating.
• Personal development and growth – to gain more from life, deepen understanding of yourself, explore and grow, develop better self- esteem and confidence.

COUNSELLING Appointments

  • At Meraki we have four Psychotherapists/Counsellors each with their own unique style and specialities. For more information on each click below.
  • Lisa Turnbull         
  • Nerine Strachan     
  • Holly Spiteri 
  • Vanessa O’brien