karina yager

Holistic Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher

karina Yager

Karina is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, and Pilates Instructor. Karina has been in the fitness and Wellness Industry for over a decade. Following her evolving path she shifted her career focus on pursuit of personal development.

Karina is passionate about empowering women through mind-body fitness along with personal growth and intentional evolution. She combines her modalities together to create a unique integrative and holistic wellness experience.

Karina does not believe in a “one size that fits all” approach, so each session is tailored to suit your individual need. She also believes that “something is better than nothing” and that your wellness journey is an evolving process with no destination.

She specialises in:

  • Lifestyle coaching and goal setting
  • Stress/anxiety management using the breath and moving meditation.
  • Movement – strength, bodyweight and functional movement.
  • Inversions where she can integrate these into your sessions using inversion therapy
  •  Core strength
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Women’s health and pelvic floor health
  • Optimal health education, including the role of nutrients, vitamins and minerals through food and supplementation
  • Creating and sharing healthy, delicious and simple recipes to nourish the whole family
  • Using food as medicine
  • Weight management
  • Mind body connection and the impact on health
  • Belief systems and personal development.

Karina is a lifelong student committed to adding to her extensive knowledge of all things health and wellness.

Join Karina on a journey to empowerment through increasing strength, improving core stability, play intuitively with movement whist boosting your confidence, self-awareness and connection with yourself.

Release your magic of believing in yourself. For more information go to: karinayager.com or to make an appointment please call: 0422 293 957 email: karina_yager@outlook.com or to book an appointment directly Click Here


  • Certificate IV Nutrition – Sports Nutrition and Wellness Coaching 
  • Diploma of Pilates
  • RYT 200 Yoga teacher training
  • Certificate 3 in Fitness
  • Certificate 4 in Fitness
  • Mind Body Practitioner Certificate (current)

  • Pole Fitness Instructor

  • Introduction to Life Coaching Workshop

  • level 1 – 2 Kettlebell training

  • Female Inclusive Approach to Kettlebell Training

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Training

  • Pop Up – training women with prolapse

  • Professional membership with Nutrition Council Australia