Kinesiology combines Chiropractic methods with traditional Chinese medicine & the acupuncture system. It is a combination of natural healing techniques to bring about balance & harmony to the body and overcome emotional and physical issues. 

An appointment or session is referred to as a “Balance” and it’s purpose it to identify the root cause of your own bodies issues such as:

  • Nutritional

  • Emotional

  • Structural (muscles/bones/organs)

  • Glands & Hormones

  • Energetic or Spiritual (Chakra, aura, acupunctural system.)

  • Meridians are the ways in which energy flows through your body, one for each particular organ. Once blocks have been identified in your Meridian system, I use a range of natural healing techniques and tools such as acupressure, flower essences or essential oils and sound therapy to remove the blockages to restore your flow of energy. This approach allows your body to do what it is designed to do – heal itself in a natural way.

  • Mind / Body connection. The body provides you with “red flags” (signs and symptoms such as pain, discomfort & digestive issues) of blockages within your body and mind. Some of these “red flags” include: Poor diet, Suppressed emotions, Stress, Too much coffee, alcohol, Trauma or accidents, Irritability, moodiness and other emotional symptoms like depression and anxiety.

  •  Appointments are available at our Erina centre with Alison Filihia. To book an appointment click here.