Megan Clarke

Herbalist, Nutritionist and Bioresonance Practitioner

Hi,  I’m Megan a qualified Herbalist, Nutritionist and Integrated Iridologist with 30 years’ experience in health. I also have a background as a Registered Nurse specialising in cancer, blood disorders and the immune system.

I have a keen interest in identifying the pathological and environmental triggers of all auto-immune diseases as they put a constant stressor on the body causing low grade inflammation and a dysregulated immune system.

I specialise in cleansing for auto-immune diseases with a focus on the reduction of neuro-inflammation in neurodegenerative disorders, reversing insulin resistance, women’s health, mental health, stress support and pain management.

I look deeply into environmental exposures including mould, stealth infections and other toxins and an analysis of the individual’s ability, often through genetic testing to eliminate these toxins.

Once the individuals’ genetic strengths and weaknesses are established, a clear plan of supporting these weaknesses can be established. I also pay attention to individual genetic weaknesses related to mental health and the ability to detoxify hormones to establish a smooth transition from peri-menopause to menopause.

My main focus is to use a comprehensive case analysis to determine the clients toxic load and underlying triggers. From this, I develop individual dietary and herbal programs to gently and safely reduce my clients’ toxic burden and regain their optimal health. I also have a strong emphasis on prevention of ill-health, preserving brain health anti-aging and reversing digestive and immune dysfunction.

I use Bioresonance to identify many of these triggers and may use other testing to confirm these findings. 

Megan can help with:

Auto immune diseases                  

Exposure to mould


Skin conditions

Inflammatory bowel conditions

Energy levels

Weight gain

Pain Management

Women’s Health                                         

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