Our Team

The practitioners at Meraki Wellness Centre are independently successful in their own fields and come together in this space to share their individual wisdom, awareness and understanding of what health and wellness means to them.

Each practitioner has dedicated years to studying and refining their specific modality becoming experts in their chosen field. All practitioners practice continued professional education and are members of their relevant associations.

It is the combination of professionalism and soul that they bring to their work that makes this space such a special place for healing, education, connection and transformation.

Lisa Turnbull

Lisa is the director and team leader of Meraki Wellness Centre. For career opportunities or to  learn how you can be a part of our team you can make your enquiry below.

Meraki Mission

To support our clients and ourselves to live our lives whole heartedly while embracing steps forward to healthier, happier versions of ourselves.


Meraki Vision

A space that blends wellness, professionalism and soul. We see Meraki as a thriving, highly-regarded wellness centre that is seen as a positive constant in our community.

As such, Meraki flourishes through a supportive, ever-growing network. Word of mouth referrals are a major contributing factor to our success.


Meraki Values

In addition to being governed by professional codes of conduct we have a set of core values that drive how we operate.

These values underpin everything that we do, and as such represent our commitment to our clients: professionalism, confidentiality, integrity, wellness, collaboration, authenticity, connection, self-care, compassion, empowerment and education.

Meraki [may-rah-kee]

To do something with soul, creativity, or love.
The essence of yourself that you put into your work.