Samantha Fin

Holistic Counsellor and Reiki Practitioner

 Sam is an intuitive and empathic counsellor and reiki practitioner who is passionate about wellness in a holistic capacity. By marrying both talk based therapy and somatic healing, her sessions are centred on the individual as a whole – addressing the needs of mind, body and spirit. 

 Sam creates a warm, safe and inviting environment where her clients are able to unpack their thoughts, feelings and fears and overcome the mental, emotional and phyiscal challenges that are holding them back. Her sessions are designed to nurture and support her clients as they embark upon their healing journey towards one of peace, clarity and purpose. 

 With a special focus on mothers, teens and children, Sam is deeply passionate about allowing space for our inner child to be heard and healed, dissolving any energetic dissonance caused by unresolved trauma, stress and pain. 

 Sam uses a variety of modalities including mindfulness, traditional talk therapy, reiki, and art therapy – utilising a toolkit that is as varied as the clients she sees. 

 Sam’s qualifications include a Masters from Sydney University in Arts, a Diploma in Counselling, EMDR Therapy and is a Reiki Master with Dr Mikao Usui lineage.

To book an appointment with Sam please go to the link below.